Are Foot Detox Bath’s a Scam? Yes.. and no

Ionic foot detox baths are a detoxifying system and alternative health product that have been gaining lots of popularity the last couple of years. You put your feet in a footbath, and 30 minutes later, the water is black, and brown, and yellow!!! All of this is apparently toxins that came through out of your feet and into the water, SWEET! But wait.. is this a scam?


and No..

First, why it is a SCAM..

If you don’t know enough about how foot detox baths work yet, go to

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Foot detox baths work great, and have given a lot of benefits to a lot of users. The scam part comes in the marketing of the process though.

As you now know, ions are created in the water, that go into your body through the pores of your feet. You then are detoxified through your feet of toxins, as well as given more balances ion levels in your body.

The chart that says the colors found in the water are toxins from different parts of your body, is a definite scam. The colors do change from user to user, but to say that your liver toxins are in the water seems to be no less than a scam, and no more than general toxins.

Why aren’t foot detox baths a scam?

The science behind negative and positive ions, electrolysis, and diffusion have been around for a long time. There have been many studies on the effects of ions on the body, as well as studies on foot detox baths benefits.

From the research that I’ve personally done, and the people that I have personally talked to, MANY have founds tons of benefits from the detox sessions. Some are simple, and can be explained by simply bathing water, but others are far more intriguing.

Better sleep, less joint and muscle pain, pH balance, are just a few benefits many people see from these units.

I will save the history of the ion healing process for another blog session (it’s very interesting and date’s far back) but for now I just wanted to let you know the scam, and the benefits of these miraculous products.

You can learn more, and see more at our site:

Also a quick note:

Though it is mostly a scam with the colors of the toxins, and the linkage to our body parts, there are toxins being released and there are truths behind the madness. With all my “scam” talk being stated, whenever I give foot detox sessions to friends, family, and customers, I only tell them the science behind the colors if they ask. If not, I simply let their imagination fill in the holes. These units do work with negative and positive ions, but I feel that the mental detoxing that happens with the colors in the water helps make the process even more rewarding for users, so I choose not to state the science. I hope you see that I do this not to deceive, yet to make it a better experience for the user.

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